The Lean Business Transformation & Operational Excellence in Healthcare Summit (BTOESHEALTH)

Creating High-Reliability Organizations in Healthcare. The Best Thinkers. The Most Engaging Event. - Co-Located with BTOES19


- March 2019


Orlando, FL
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlandoâ„¢

Key Learning Takeaways

Key Learning Takeaways for BTOES Healthcare

  • The only lean/PI conference that is 100% dedicated to healthcare and isn’t full of consultant speakers! Our programme is packed full with solid case study examples of cutting edge CI/lean organisations in healthcare: why these companies chose lean, how they implemented it and how they address their challenges. Our event is for and about healthcare with real examples from leading edge companies in the top 100 healthcare systems in the country.
  • The only conference with a workshop that enlightens you on the techniques to embed the correct mind-set to accelerate the CI including lean methodology into the organisation to create sustainable performance improvement: learning about ‘coaching the learner’ and ‘humble enquiry’ techniques with leaders in the organisation, passing on the baton, weaning them off
  • The only conference with 3 tracks dedicated to where you are in your lean journey! In Transition or more advanced. For those in transition, the sessions will cover how to start, where to start, how to select the right first projects, getting buy in and leadership support. For those further along the journey we will cover sustainable performance improvement – coaching the learner, mind-set shift techniques, zero harm and high reliability organisations and using simulation and other advanced tools to better understand data.
  • Arriving at a single, integrated PI vision and strategy: aligning all the different schools of thought, ways of working and programmes across the organisation, connecting up the dots and bringing all the disparate pieces together
  • The role of Leadership: what leaders in healthcare think about lean, what they want and how they evaluate the return on investment, time and effort