The Lean Business Transformation & Operational Excellence in Healthcare Summit (BTOESHEALTH)

Creating High-Reliability Organizations in Healthcare. The Best Thinkers. The Most Engaging Event. - Co-Located with BTOES19


- March 2019


Orlando, FL
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlandoâ„¢


The BTOES17 Highlights Video

The best moments of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards, the largest-scale leadership level event in Operational Excellence!

With incredible keynotes from NASA, Google, Toyota and more, attendees had numerous opportunities to engage with the speakers, exhibitors and attendees. We are thrilled to say that  BTOES17, taking place at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando was a full house, and firmly established itself as the largest leadership-level Operational Excellence event in the industry.


Pedigree / History

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Healthcare Summit  is the redesigned continuation of the previous industry-leading Lean Six Sigma & Business Improvement Summit and is the large-scale spin off event that has come out of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES17). BTOES Healthcare is set to be the largest leadership-level event of its kind.  Please click here to view the video highlights from a recent BTOES event. 

This new, world-class event has been driven by the huge industry demand for a large-scale, cross-industry, future-focused operational excellence event that is energizing, inspiring, and engaging.

This event is an entirely fresh experience that will come to define the ecosystem, and is where the industry leaders will gather to create the future. 

It will bring together the best and brightest individuals & organizations from across key sectors to engage, network, benchmark and discuss the key challenges and future tends within operations excellence and its application & impact on Innovation Execution, Agility, Customer Experience, Leadership, Value Creation, Business Transformation, Strategy & Culture


The BTOES Healthcare 2018 inaugural conference will take healthcare organisations on a journey towards HROs – High Reliability Organisations – zero tolerance for waste, in line with the aviation, theme park and the nuclear power sectors.

Performance Improvement, Continuous Improvement and other Lean methodologies are at various stages of implementation in the healthcare sector. BTOES Healthcare 2018 will take your organization – wherever it is in its Continuous Improvement (CI)  journey - to the next stage. With structured tracks for Beginners/In Transition to Advanced/Cutting Edge CI organisations, there is something here for everyone.

Operational Excellence professionals - bring your executive leaders to see CI and specifically Lean methodology in practice, hear first-hand from other healthcare organisations how they implemented it and what benefits they have reaped from their journey.

Hear from the leading CI, PI and lean healthcare providers and the top hospitals in the country. 

Hot topics covered across the 2 days will be: transitioning to a CI methodology, sustainable performance improvement and accelerated cultural change, methodology integration and alignment, the powerful role of leadership, getting buy-in and effective physician engagement.  We will have  some interactive formats such as the ‘Ask the CEO’ panel, action-oriented exercises and workshops and peer to peer round table discussions.

Bring your spouse and family with you too! We will have a fantastic spouse and family programme of activity to keep them entertained. We will help them to explore the wonderful city of New Orleans while you take in everything at the conference. Spouse healthcare professionals can attend the conference if they wish. 

If it’s your first time to New Orleans will also we host a series of exciting tours to help you explore this fascinating city.


  1. Bring yourself - ready to learn how to take your organization to the next level in your CI or lean journey
  2. Bring your star executive leaders and board members to help you accelerate that change
  3. Bring your spouse and kids to make it a family vacation!

See you in New Orleans!

Why BTOES Healthcare?

Healthcare organization in the United States are under pressure to be more efficient - now more than ever.

The change in government emphasis for healthcare means that care providers are re-imbursed/rewarded for not only treating patients, but keeping them well. That means that the care providers have to be efficient in the way they provide care but also effective in the type of care they give, to ensure that patients receive the maximum benefit from their care so not to return to the facility therefore remaining well.

What does this mean for the way the HC providers deliver care? It means they will continue to be assessed on how efficiently they provide care (waiting times, turnaround times etc.) but more importantly, now how effectively they  provide care. Care providers will, now more than ever, have to be smarter about who they treat, how they treat them and how quickly they discharge them. It will be a balancing act. 

Lean and six sigma methodologies, agile working, continuous improvement, operational excellence are all concepts labelled as a means to improving the way that healthcare organisations deliver care. These and many other terms have been bantered around for several years now with organisations at various different stages – from infancy (0-3 years) to adolescence (3-7 years) to maturity (7+ years). 

There will be some urgency from hospitals who have not yet implemented any PI methodology within their organization to get going with it. Those that are at the early stages in their journey now want to know how to embed it quickly across their organisation so it is habit and what role leaders should play in that. Those really experienced on the journey will want to know how to continuously improve the improvement! How to get better at being better and how to teach/learn from others at the same stage/experiencing the same problems or challenges. 

For the forward thinking HC organisations already on their PI/lean journey, zero tolerance is the end game. This will bring healthcare in line with the aviation, theme park and nuclear power sectors, which already have impeccable safety records. High Reliability Organisations (HROs) within healthcare will be the final destination and the final port of call. This is where they are going and what they are aiming for. 

This conference will bring together the whole of healthcare senior level professionals focusing on operational excellence to equip them with further tools to take their organisations to the next stage in their PI/lean journey.

BTOES Healthcare will also attract the business leaders in healthcare that are affected by/focused upon/impacted by continuous improvement methodologies done well. Customer Service, Clinical, Nursing, Ambulatory, Emergencies etc. For the early adopter, it will be crucial for these leaders to attend in order for the internal OpEx/Lean programmes to take hold in their organisations and be successful so their attendance will be really crucial – for them to fully understand and be sold on the importance and effectiveness of lean methodology and mindset. These are the change agents within their organizations and will influence the people in their teams and departments on how quickly/slowly they adopt the methodology and run with it.

For the mature PI/lean care providers, the key will be leadership support for further programmes, aligning various methodologies or programmes in place across different areas of the organization and finally reaching out and participating in focus groups with other organisations, sharing best practice and learning from and teaching others.

BTOES Healthcare will be structured according to PI/lean maturity. A Beginners/In Transition Track and an Advanced/Cutting edge track, this way the sessions will be tailored to and speak to whatever challenges, issues and problems organisations typically face at this stage in their lean journey.

Who Will Be Attending

  • CEOs, COOs CSOs, CIOs, CAOs, CMOs, CFOs, CLOs, Chief Excellence Officers, 
  • Chief Nursing Officers
  • SVP & VP Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Corporate Operations, Innovation, Performance Improvement
  • Head of Nursing, Customer Service, Clinical, Ambulatory Services, Emergencies
  • Director of Transformation, Enterprise Improvement, Operational Excellence, Lean Transformation
  • Certified Black Belt

What makes BTOES Healthcare unique?

  • BTOES Healthcare is the first ever PI/CI/lean methodologies event focused on the Healthcare industry
  • 100% focussed for and by healthcare – all presenters will be from the top performing healthcare organisations
  • Focus on the end game of High Reliability Organisations – which is where forward thinking HC organisations are aiming for
  • Will address the techniques that are required to accelerate the embedding of lean methodologies in the cultures of healthcare organisations e.g. coaching the learner and humble enquiry
  • Ask the CEO session – an interrogative, insightful session that will reveal what Healthcare CEOs want from CI/lean, how they evaluate its impact and decide which programmes to support. A must attend for OpEx professionals experiencing challenges with leadership support and buy-in

Key Learning Takeaways for BTOES Healthcare

  • The only lean/PI conference that is 100% dedicated to healthcare and isn’t full of consultant speakers! Our programme is packed full with solid case study examples of cutting edge CI/lean organisations in healthcare: why these companies chose lean, how they implemented it and how they address their challenges. Our event is for and about healthcare with real examples from leading edge companies in the top 100 healthcare systems in the country.
  • The only conference with a workshop that enlightens you on the techniques to embed the correct mind-set to accelerate the CI including lean methodology into the organisation to create sustainable performance improvement: learning about ‘coaching the learner’ and ‘humble enquiry’ techniques with leaders in the organisation, passing on the baton, weaning them off
  • The only conference with 3 tracks dedicated to where you are in your lean journey! In Transition or more advanced. For those in transition, the sessions will cover how to start, where to start, how to select the right first projects, getting buy in and leadership support. For those further along the journey we will cover sustainable performance improvement – coaching the learner, mind-set shift techniques, zero harm and high reliability organisations and using simulation and other advanced tools to better understand data.
  • Arriving at a single, integrated PI vision and strategy: aligning all the different schools of thought, ways of working and programmes across the organisation, connecting up the dots and bringing all the disparate pieces together
  • The role of Leadership: what leaders in healthcare think about lean, what they want and how they evaluate the return on investment, time and effort